Vocational Coordinator

February 23, 2022 / 5 mins read

JESPY Transitional Coordinators will support the vision and mission of the agency. Transitional Coordinators are responsible for the day-to-day monitoring and transitioning of clients while in the Skill Development, Employee Partnership and Mentorship Phase.  While monitoring a client more closely through their respective journeys in the areas of skill development, job partnership and mentorship in job performance, clients have a better chance for success. Coordinators will cross train in all areas of the Client Development Department.  Each coordinator will be assigned as needed among the three phases. During Phase I, Skill Development, transitional coordinators focusing on TSITES can be more productive focusing on skill development. During Phase II and III, the transition coordinator will focus on both the Employee Partnership and Mentorship Phase when employment readiness is reached.  With the transitional coordinators focusing on both Job Placement opportunities and Mentorship we can provide a better sense of support for clients.