Engagement &
Enrichment Program

As part of JESPY’s Engagement & Enrichment Program, clients participate in groups that offer nurturing and supportive outlets designed to foster genuine connections with others and provide engagement in activities that promotes their well-being. The abundance of well-rounded recreational programs provided have an emphasis on creativity, community inclusion, social skills, and sportsmanship.

Expressive Arts

At JESPY, clients are never at a loss for opportunities for self-expression and inventiveness. The Engagement & Enrichment program provides alternative ways to explore and discover talents, communicate thoughts and emotions, build confidence, and learn new skills. 

Some of the workshops for creative outlets include: Poetry/Creative Writing/Blogging, JESPY’s band - The Advocates, Specialized Art Group, Dance Troupe, Zumba, and Book Club.

A Jespy Member Creating an Artwork
A Jespy Member Creating an Artwork 2

JESPY Art Factory

Our multi-talented clients also take part in JESPY- and community-sponsored art shows where they display their work and talents as artisans, knitters, crafters, and more. To view and inquire about purchasing some of their artwork.

A Doll in the Shape of a Dog
A Jespy Member Petting a Dog With a Smile

Social Wellness

To promote wellness and to provide outlets to alleviate feelings of anxiousness or anxiety, JESPY offers clients sessions in Yoga, Meditation, Pet Therapy, and Relationship Chats.

A Group of Jespy Members Dancing Outside with a Smile

Theater & Music Programming

JESPY offers a wide range of groups including Theater, Band, Glee Club, as well as Piano and Voice Lessons for beginners and those with experience. These activities provide the creative outlets needed for our clients to express themselves and to showcase their talents. This also teaches clients skill-based learning to further their creative interests and engagement in skills they want to participate in and learn.

On-Site Groups/Activities

The Enrichment & Engagement Program’s monthly recreation calendar contains a multitude of group activities that provide clients with a variety of choices. These activities give participants an outlet to work on targeted skill development in fun and engaging ways.

A sampling of the activities are as follows: Poetry, Ask Audrey, Gardening, Kitchen Basics, Cooking, Computer Skills, and Social Action Group.

Started during March of 2020, JESPY began offering more than 100 online sessions to clients. Although on-site activities have resumed, Engagement & Enrichment continues to offer a number of virtual and hybrid (in person/virtual) workshops – including: Name That Tune, Women’s Book Club, Trip Planning sessions, and Show & Tell.

A Group of Jespy Members Dancing Indoor
A Group Shot of Jespy Members Behind Wrapped Teddy Bear Doll

Entrepreneurship Group

As participants in this group, clients produce and sell one-of-a-kind products at select locations and events within the local community. Products have included hand-crafted Diaper Cakes and greeting cards created with various holiday themes and celebrations in mind. Clients learn business tools that include promotion and sales. Most importantly, their creative talents are fully fostered and encouraged.

Trips – Daily, Weekend, Weekly

For engagement, enrichment, and travel opportunities, community trips (local and distant) are planned each week. Clients visit: Museums, Festivals, Theatrical and Professional Sporting Events, Various Malls, Zoos, and Aquariums.


The JESPY Café is held in Judi House, a multi-purpose building that houses many of JESPY’s recreational, cultural arts and wellness activities. The Café, which is a meeting place where clients socialize, play games, or listen to music, is open on weekdays from 4:00pm to 8:00pm and on the weekend from 11:00am to 5:00pm. 

Special events include: Birthday Club, Cooking Club, Puzzle Night, Cooking Night, Painting Night, and NFL Night.

Transportation & Fees for Recreation Activities

JESPY vans are available for transportation to many offsite activities. Shuttles are offered as needed. Many activities are provided at no additional cost. Fees may apply, depending on the event.

Activities Calendar