To match the different abilities of each client, JESPY House offers three residential options. All are provided with individualized supports. The primary goal of residential programming is for a client to learn the skills necessary to live independently in the community within his/her own apartment, residing with or without a roommate. The three available options are outlined below:

Level 1 – Supervised Apartment

Most clients accepted into JESPY House begin at The Residence, a semi-structured, supervised apartment setting staffed with case managers and daily living skills counselors. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

While living at The Residence, clients receive case management and focused training on independent living skills in their apartments. Targeted skills include:

  • Laundry, cleaning, and cooking
  • Weekly meal planning and shopping
  • Money management
  • Health & safety
  • Socialization
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Level 2 – Shared Housing

Shared Housing clients are expected to have achieved a certain level of independence prior to moving into a JESPY home. To ensure that there is always someone onsite in case of emergency, JESPY’s Shared Houses are staffed with 24/7 awake staff. This added layer of staffing provides peace of mind not only to clients, but to their families as well.

  • Mondays through Fridays, house managers are onsite during the day to assist residents along with Daily Living Skills staff.
  • Daily Living Skills staff are in the homes 24/7 to assist clients with any needs that may arise.
  • Should an urgent issue occur as a back-up to in house staffing, a comprehensive Emergency Procedure is engaged agency wide.
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Level 3 – Independent Living Arrangements with Community-Based Supports

JESPY House clients who are proficient in daily living skills and who have been identified as having the necessary judgment and skills to safely live independently with supports, may transition to their own apartments or condominiums in the South Orange community.

While this housing is not JESPY-owned or managed, continued support services are available through JESPY’s Community-Based Supports Program. Each client continues to have a case manager and Level 1 skills are maintained and enhanced.?As a result of JESPY’s excellent relationships with the community, clients have an added layer of support from those who live and work in the town where JESPY is located.

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