Tribute Wall

Donors at the Friend level and above are invited to leave a message for our honorees.

Executive Chef
Kenneth & Judith Peskin

We have tremendous admiration for ALL the JESPY CLIENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES.

Gene & Stacey Davis

Chef De Cuisine
The Eisenberg Family

Many thanks to everyone for all you do. Fondly, The Eisenberg Family

Sous Chef
Bruce & Ruth Bier

Zales Family

With great appreciation and gratitude to the entire JESPY organization.


Michele & William Cohen

Julia R. Plotnick

Bryan & Andrea Bier

Corporate Technologies

Sandra Rosenblatt & Alisa Gershman

Toby and Leon Cooperman

A salute to JESPY House and its honorees on their good deeds.

Michael & Sophia Gershman

Ahadi & Antony Bugg-Levine

H. Herbert Myers Memorial Foundation

The Myers Family Congratulates the Honorees and Appreciates the Dedication of a Marvelous, Caring Staff !!!

Susan Weinstock

Congratulations to all of the honoree families! Thank you to Audrey and her staff for their 24/7 dedication!

Suki Marsh-Shikiar

Audrey Winkler and Len Tempest

In celebration of all our JESPY clients.

Ted & Patsy Perl

Peter & Pam Crane

Best Wishes!

Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center

Stephen & Sharon Kepniss

Thank you JESPY for all you do!

Robert & Hoda Blau

Mark & Deborah Oppenheimer

Susan and Herb Myers

Thank you all for your tireless and incredible efforts to make Jespy so special

Colton Foundation

Carol Barash & Jed Kwartler

So happy to support the JESPY community.

Robert & Joan Rothberg Foundation

Elaine & Dan Katz

Congratulations to all of the honorees!

Barry Knopf & Fran Myers

Alan & Nancy Locker

Dyan & Sara Dahari

Elisa Crandell

Margaret Terbell

Congratulations and Best Wishes to The 3 families who are this year's honorees!

Dr. Amnon & Mrs. Weinstock

Berson Family

Jonathan & Jody Caplan

Maurice Family Fund

Alfred & Jane Fischer

Debbie & Mark all our best wishes on this wonderful occasion!

Lawrence Rein

JESPY - What an amazing place - We are so fortunate to have JESPY House in our Metrowest community

Joseph & Robyn Bier

Kathy Brand

Congratulations to the Cottingham, Oppenheimer and Plotnick Families on this well-deserved honor!

Sobel Bixel: Consulting for Nonprofits

Mark & Judith Reuter

Steven & Lori Klinghoffer

Milt Westrich & Judy Croman

Parles Rekem, LLP

Parles Rekem, LLP focuses our law practice on the representation of children and adults with disabilities and their families, We are pleased to congratulate the Cottingham, Oppenheimer and Plotnick families and to support JESPY House. A shout out to Parles Rekem partner, Denise Rekem, for her service to the JESPY House board!

Gerald Bissell

Harvey & Maxine Colchamiro

Linda & Marc Press

Tracy & Bob Baron

Russell & Patricia Wolff

Yoni Schenker and Stefanie Gordon

John D. Fanburg, Esq., Brach Eichler LLC

Kerry & Daniel Golden

Stacey, Congratulations on doing such great, important work!

Sharon & Stephen Seiden

Mazel Tov to our Honoree Families!

Anderson & Carolyn Daub

Commercial Furniture Interiors

Howard & Margaret Jacobs

Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ

Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ & Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest NJ are proud to celebrate our partner, JESPY House, at your event and join you in congratulating all the honorees. We are so grateful for the work JESPY House does. Todah rabah. May you all continue to go from strength to strength.

Palisa Kelley

Congratulations on another successful gala!

Allan & Laura Mendels

Maitre D'

Tribute to Judy Peskin

Barry & Sandra Freda

Tess Chichioco & George Garneau

Kelly Quirk

Gary & Susan Aidekman

The Michaels Family

Jason Scott

Edith M. Asibey

Howard & Sandy Peskin

Judith & Matt Sills

Asw. Mila Jasey

Josh Mann

The GLADMAN Group Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Susan and Eric Goldman

In honor of the JESPY staff who make each day a little brighter for all of the JESPY clients

Simon & Tatyana Etin

Barry & Gloria Jaslow

Jody Kanner

David Williams

Northern New Jersey Eye Institute

Congratulations to the honorees!

Joel & Stephanie Morgan

Andrew & Patricia Harris

Andrea and Scott Gillman

Thank you Jespy House for the good work you do for our community. All our best, Andrea and Scott Gillman

Dr. Michael Och

Linda & Leonard Berkowitz


Union Alarmtronic LLC

Crystal Plaza Group

Debbie & Bert Karlin

To Debbie & Mark Oppenheimer your commitment and dedication for Dawn makes it an honor and pleasure to call you our friends.

Millburn Orthodontics

In honor of Susan Weinstock and this year's honorees for all your effort and incredible commitment to JESPY House.

Matt Murphy & Jane Sheehan

Esther & Stuart Rubinstein

In honor of Mark & Debbie Oppenheimer. With Love.

Tarpey Group

Richard & Lucile Glasebrook

In recognition of Judy Peskin

Bicky & George Kellner

Stephen & Patricia Gluckman

Ellen and Alan Goldner

Thank you to all the JESPY staff and to Audrey for providing such a great program for the very special people in our community.

Affiliated Management, Inc.

Scott Cohen

Melissa and David Wish

Thank you to Jespy House for your incredible work and dedication in helping adults with disabilities achieve their goals!

Eugene & Liba Reiss

Larbi Hamrouni & Beth Morrow

Ruth Hutter

Peter & Cynthia Liebman

Rise Dimson

Phyllis Sank

Matt and Alice Greenberg-Sheedy

Sam Joseph & Dan Arrighi

Irwin & Marcia Silverstein

Ida Picker

Michael Sargeant

Best wishes to JESPY House on the Battle of the Chefs Benefit.

Noreen & Jeffrey Punia

Susan & Jeffrey Finkelstein

Thanks to the Staff for everything!

Charles & Barbara Hirsh

Carol & Bob Marcus

Congratulations to the Honorees and to JESPY for the significant difference it makes in the lives of its very special clients. Love, Carol and Bob Marcus

AIM Support Services, LLC previously MSB Enterprises; Support Coordination

For all those that support our family members at The Jespy House, especially those families being honored at this event. WE HONOR YOU, YOU HAVE RAISED THE BAR! Thank you for all that you do. Judy Krantz and staff

Annette Evans

Congratulations to the Honorees Congratulations to JESPY clients, especially my awesome son, Harold, for all of your accomplishments.

Catherine & Chris Townsend

Paula and Lee Shaiman

Congratulations to the Oppenheimer family on this wonderful honor. Paula, Lee and Geoffrey Shaiman

Judith Bernstein

Sylvia Cedillo

Taubenslag Family

Congratulations to Dawn, Passion and Andrew, and their families who are being recognized. Much continued success and blessings to everyone who participates and contributes to make JESPY possible. Thank you.

Modern Auto Body

Jeremy E. Plotnick

Angela Pitts

Abbey and Richard Aborn

Seth and Ann Leeb

Happy to support our South Orange JESPY neighbors!

Sylvia Steiner

Queen & Matthew Quinn

Cathy Fonseca and Alreen Rudnick

Sally & Michael Unsworth

Gurland Family

Congratulations to the honorees and to JESPY for their inspiring work.

Cheryl Vollweiler

Miriam Perestman & Paul Breene

Les & Linda Elfenbein

In Memory of Herb and Shirley Finkelstein

Alter Family

Mr. & Mrs. Jamil Sopher


Florin Family Foundation

Margaret Kelley

Robert Dandrew

Elaine Harris, Esq.

Arnold & Carol Rifkin

Dean & Emily Kameros

Lila Silver

In honor of Helene and Marty Myers.

Marjorie Katz

Joseph & Dale Principe

Fiona A. Blair

Jane & Al Wolin

Lawrence & Susan Lubow

Mimi Barash Coppersmith

Andrew T. Wolfe & Carol M. Rachesky

Richard & Karen Schwam

JESPY has done so much for all our children. We are happy to support their mission.

Mark & Jessica Zitter

Congratulations to all the honorees. And to the staff and Board of JESPY House: Thank You for all you do!

Edward & Abby Bond

Barry Dimson

In honor of Denise Dimson Rekem!

Daniel & Rebecca Lubetkin

Patti Coleman

Dr. Jane Aronson

Steven Weinberger

Yvette Cottingham

Kathy Baker

Sarah and Roger Segal

Carol Morman

In Honor of Judy Croman

William & Rita Denton

The Clergy of Temple Sharey-Tefilo Israel

Freyda & Richard Simon

To our friends Helene & Marty Myers and family for their tireless work for JESPY.


To the amazing JESPY HOUSE clients and this evening's honorees, WE salute you with great pride and the highest esteem!

Lynne & Paul Cantor

Lynne and I would like to acknowledge the dedication and commitment by our dear friends Mark & Debbie Oppenheimer.

Marsha & Stephen Blank

Mindy Tegay & Max Solondz

Passion Cottingham

Valyrie Laedlein

Summer Jones

Nina Layton

Rebecca and Mitchell Gold

Mazal tov to all the honorees! Thank you JESPY volunteers and professionals for all you do. Your dedication to our community is inspiring!

Barbara Hull

Best wishes to the honorees. Michael and Barbara Hull

Beverley Gordon

Amy Engel

Congratulations to our honoree families! We are so pleased to have this opportunity to recognize you and to share this special evening with you. The JESPY Development, Marketing and Community Relations Team

Judy Skillman

The Hull Family

Susan and Louis Gidding


Judith Lieberman

Lisa & William Galen

Joel & Alice Epstein

Congratulations Debbie and Mark Oppenheimer for your valuable contributions to JESPY House.

Debbie Coleman Rose

Ronald & Lillie Brandt

Lori Breitman

Mitchell & Carol Held

Congratulations to Debbie and Mark Oppenheimer on being honored for all your hard and tireless work you do for JESPY House. You both are an inspiration to all!

Reservoir Restaurant

Saranne & Steven Krimsky

Congratulations to all the honorees on their continual efforts that help to make JESPY so special.

Diana Galer Jaffe

Honey Miller

Margo Strauss

Tab Timothy Stewart

Happy to help such a worthy cause!

Gloria S. Jacobs

In honor of my daughter, Nancy Jacobs, who lives up to her potential.

Gail & Howard Britt

Robert Crane

Delisa Pallet Corporation

Laura & Jack Brown

Best wishes to our dear friends, Dawn, Debbie & Mark Oppenheimer.

James & Judy Feinberg

Eleanor Spring

Thank you JESPY for the help you give my Martin in Shared Housing

Gloria & Ira Back

Laura & Alan Roth

Harold & Carol Biss Shichman

Barbara Schoenberg

Kim & Gregg Mehlman

Donation in honor of Sandy Sicular, M.D. - Love, Kim & Gregg Mehlman

Delta Upsilon

Judy & Vic Tynes

Jill Kopelman

Susan Berman

Barbara Friedman

Mark Miller & Shelley Sherer

Lee & Linda Rosenbaum

In honor of Ronald Brandt

Samantha Pozner, MD

Randee and Ken Rubenstein

Continue your great work!

George & Liba Casson-Nudell

Eugene Sullivan

Katie Renella

JoAnne Riley Barron

Best wishes for a huge successful dining event!

Alan & Sherry Hans

Congratulations Debbie & Mark on this special honor!

Dr. & Mrs. Fred Rothman

Jacqueline Murphy

Bob Herz

Andy Fredman & Susan Leon

Podell Family

Phyllis Bernstein

Dr. & Mrs. Gary Perlman

In honor of our cousin, Steven Kepniss

Charles & Ada Beth Cutler

Stephanie & Warren Spar

Rabbi Bill & Dena Horn

Sheri and Lewis Finkelstein

Planned Companies

Vicki & Bill Abrams

Tara Roberts & Brian Hennicke

Congratulations to the honorees! To our JESPY clients, you are celebrated daily for your determination and inspiration.

Judith Pilchik Zucker

In Honor of Judy Peskin and her unstopppable commitment to JESPY House.

Bruce & Margery Ostrow

Fred & Jacqueline Lieberberg

David Allen

Barbara Kanefsky

Rachel Schwarz & Marc Schiffman

Congratulations to the honorees and all the people who make JESPY House amazing!

Donald & Mary Howard

Barbara G. Bornstein

Harvey & Joan Bucholtz

Julian Blau

Lauren Parra Banich

Barry & Kim Weinstock

In honor of Susan Weinstock whose commitment and dedication are unrivaled!

Marc and Margot Schwartz

The Kany Family

Francis & Donna Joyce

You are the difference!

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