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Community Inclusion Activity Calendar
Day Habilitation Program Calendar
JESPY Events Calendar

Event Date Time Location
 Creative Writing and Poetry Recital (Rescheduled)
        $20 General Public; $15 Client/Staff
 Sunday, January 22nd 5 pm – 7 pm  Judi House
 Havdalah Ritual Event – Music, Crafts, Dinner and Service  Saturday, January 28th 6 pm  Judi House
 Girls Night Out  Monday, January 30th  6 pm – 8 pm  Judi House
 2017 JESPY Annual Jubilee  Sunday, February 5th 12 noon  Crystal Plaza
 JESPY Community Winter Get-Together  Sunday, February 12th  1 pm  Judi House
 Parent-Sibling Group Meeting  Sunday, February 19th  1 pm  Judi House
 Sibling Panel, Movie (My Brother Hero) and Dinner  Sunday, February 26th  3 pm – 6:30 pm  Judi House